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Our Story

The RentalMiles team has spent 8 years developing and perfecting our operating model and ecosystem. Our residential property management experience and market sounding has taken place all over the world during this time, from Australia to the U.K. and in North America. We are a client focused, technology enabled business that specializes in brand loyalty and rewards programs. We aim to have 250,000 properties managed in short order across all major cities, starting in Bay Street Toronto and rapidly deploying across North America.

Our Ecosystem

We are a 100% digital business. With an operating system that draws on legal documents and neighborhood information all over the world, our Agents are armed with all the latest information at their fingerprints. Documents are automated. Landlords & tenants control and see everything through their Apps with real time information on smart client interfaces that also look great. Agent Apps include analytics such as Credilytix TM, Easy-Lease and the Dark Room to make property management easier. Key to our ecosystem is our global concierge. Better than offshoring, we've created a mobile jobbing environment that performs every task that takes Agents' focus away from clients, even maintenance. We'd like to think we've crafted the best job environment for property Agents. Ever.

Our Values

We believe that landlords and tenants should be generously rewarded for loyalty and great behavior. It makes it better for everyone. And tenants shouldn't suffer fees just to pay their rent. Tenants use whatever card they like, we believe it's not right to raise rent because of card processing fees. We just need to be efficient. We also believe that our clients should benefit from our brand. Each year our clients' earning rates increase. Look at the other web pages for reward details - they are unmatched in industry. Tenants move from Villa to Manor to Estate levels and Landlords from Silver to Gold to Platinum. Smart approvals, no paperwork and technology that prompts early re-leasing within our pool is how we work. And no fixed contracts for landlords. It's on us to keep our service levels high.

Agent Rewards

Professional property management demands the best. If that's you then we'd be delighted if you join our team across Canada and the USA. We have healthy base salaries, benefits, commissions for leasing and reaching quality goals, and best of all, shares. We want you to own part of this story. 20% of RentalMiles North America's profits each year go to employees. Are you a broker with a book of business, a thirst for innovation and a strong client focus? There are strong share options for you.

Here's what you need to do

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    Include your CV if you’re comfortable, otherwise we can leave that for later.

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    We want you to hear why we love RentalMiles, this industry and our clients.

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    Let’s agree compensation, stock options and KPIs. Then get our tech gear and enjoy the most focussed Agent role in the industry.

Brokers enjoy bonus stock options & growth in a Global brand.