RentalMiles operates only in North America and will never ask for Moneygram or WesternUnion payments.


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Rental Miles

A great app that makes everything hassle free

Pay rent fee-free with debit or credit card

Earn great rewards for re-leasing early and keeping the place well

Earn rewards or cashback 4 ways

Whats a REM Worth?

* Flight Miles are approximate and shown as illustrative of value. Flight Miles examples are Aeroplan, MileagePlus etc.


You can easily earn 20,000 REM each year for re-leasing & keeping the place well. That’s about $400 cash back or about 20,000 Aeroplan or MileagePlus points.. Pay your rent by credit card, fee-free and earn points that way too. Refer a landlord and earn even more.


We have three loyalty levels-Villa, Manor and Estate These are earned after each 12 months. On achieving Estate level and maintaining a good Credilytix score you’ll no longer. Pay a bond. We pay it for you. Switch reward partners each month. Enjoy cash back, retail items or holidays from our numerous reward partners.

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RentalMiles manages properties on behalf of their property owner clients. Rentalmiles clients will never make contact with you to negotiate terms or pricing of any rentals managed by us as we have been hired to do so on their behalf. All payments within our platform are completed within our applications ONLY, available from the Apple or Google Store, and backed transactionally by our Partner, TD Canada Trust. ONLY OUR LICENSED AGENTS manage communication regarding rental properties within our platform, their email will be a domain ONLY.